I reclaimed my health and life, you can too!

I was living what most people would call a dream life. I was a doctor with a successful career. There was just one problem- me in the mirror.  

I couldn't eat, sleep or think. My eyes were red and puffy from crying. My face was wet with tears. The pain was agonizing. I was so ashamed of the secret I was hiding. I was in a deep and dark depression and no one knew it.  

The medication that was supposed to make me feel better made me nauseated and have horrible headaches. So I had to take another approach. I exercised to improve my mood. I uncovered the healing properties of food and made over my eating habits. 

I reclaimed my health and life. Now it's your turn. 

Dr. Jamie Hardy

Food Your Rx For Healing Program

5 Steps to be Fit, Fabulous and Fulfilled

This 6 week intensive will teach you to: 

  • Heal yourself naturally with nature’s medicine
  • Incorporate foods that help manage stress and promote restful sleep
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight by eating the right foods and MORE. 

Food Your Rx Program

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